Hi friends and fam!

This year, if you were thinking getting me something (all I want for Christmas)… I have a few items I would like for my business, some studio samples and props linked below.  I know most folks might be shaking their heads “well I wanted to get something for YOU”… I’ll tell you, I consider this to be the “gifts that keep on giving”… I would like to properly show to my clients products because what my clients can see and hold, they are more apt to purchase. I have a few samples and photos of samples, but I’d like to have a physical product. These will help aide me in my dreams of getting my photography business built up to be the most profitable for my family and children, which is extremely important to me! You can just send the amount to Paypal via the donate button (or even a portion of the amount helps) with a note on what item you would like to help with, and I will order that item with one of my images on it from my lab when I have enough to pay off that item! These are prices that the lab would charge me for the sample… this is why photography is pricey folks!! 🙂

Thank you for the consideration!!!


30×40 Canvas w/stretch frame sample for studio – $200.00

20×24 Fine Art paper print mounted on masonite – $100.00

16×20 Gallery Wrap – $130.00

11×14 Standout – $55.00

16×16 Fine Art Metal – $120.00

16×20 Print Wrap – $65.00

16×20 Vivid Metal – $65.00

16×11 – Luxe Vivid Metal – $40.00

16×20 Canvas w/stretch frame studio sample – $100.00

16×20 Print Mounted on double weight matboard – $35.00

10×10 Signature Album (15 page) – $200.00

Album cover samples – $70.00

Signature and Layflat Album swatches – $30.00





Here are some other items I’ve really been wanting too:  You can click the link, and it should take you to the page. Just have it shipped to Bumble-B Photography, LLC at 338 FM 136, Woodsboro TX 78393 – You might just see your gift debut on one of my newborn’s photos! I am super picky about my props (sorrynotsorry) 🙂  But here are some ideas about my tastes for my little photo babies! I like upcycled outfits (made from jersey knit type materials.) If the item you click on is sold out for any reason… another item from that vendor that is similar would be perfectly great! I love surprises!

No crochet items please (I do have some knit items below), Crochet items are usually very ill fitting from the stores and not really in style anymore for photographing newborns, and… I have all of those I need from my local vendor.










https://www.etsy.com/listing/478702656/angora-santa-hat-newborn-and-sitter?ref=shop_home_active_3 – Newborn size needed please


I love “No. 2 Willow Lane” prop outfits – So any items from these pages!







I also use Seamless paper for my cake Smashes and Parent Poses – I use 107″ sizes of these colors – Bone  & Thunder Gray (the most common ones I use), but I also use Fashion Gray, Coral, Mocha, Studio Gray, Thunder Gray, Pecan, Purple

Here is the place I usually get them : https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?atclk=Paper+Size_107%22×36%27&ci=23680&N=3659994759+3976090346