Maternity Photos in Woodsboro, TX!

Maternity Photos – Woodsboro, TX

Even though I am based in Woodsboro, TX, I do occasionally get a long distance session and get to travel a bit.

New Mexico

I visited New Mexico this last week, and got gorgeous photos of this beautiful momma! She is due in April, and was just glowing! She is super excited for her first baby to arrive! We took photos of her in two different segments: the park near a beautiful lake in the morning and then I set up a mini studio in her livingroom.  I was able to capture her Boutique photos, to highlight the end of her third trimester and capture the memories of her beautiful expectant figure before she welcomes her first child! So exciting! I love being able to help preserve these heart-stopping moments. Even though it seems like forever when we are waiting, these times pass by so fast, and are only a beautiful memory!

Sarah… best wishes and blessings on the upcoming arrival of your new little blessing very, very soon… I can’t wait to see snapshots of your new baby!

Mommas who are 28-37 weeks, give us a call… we do have pricing for longer distance Maternity (and in-home Newborn sessions), including expansion to serving the Austin and Houston areas!

We have Family Maternity Sessions and Boutique Dress Sessions!  We have Wall Portraits, Albums, Canvas, and even Digital images for for your selection! If you book your Newborn session at the same time, you can qualify to receive an incentive for booking both sessions together! Contact me to find out about this special incentive!! My sessions are unique to you and your baby!  I specialize with Maternity and Infants!  Call 361-443-8535 or find me on Facebook at or Instagram ( )


Maternity Photos - Woodsboro, TX Maternity Photos - Woodsboro, TX

It’s a nice spring we are having this winter! Newborn photos are booking!

Where ever you hail from – it’s warming up SOUTH TEXAS!!! Are you ready to book your baby’s newborn photos?! It’s been 80 here all week with a nice shiny sun (in what is supposed to be our coldest month of the year).  Summer is coming early.. and the bees are buzzing… as is THIS BUMBLE-B!!! Out newborn photo sessions are booking faster and faster!! It’s so exciting to be able to see all of these new little ones coming in, and guess what??!!! Some of my VERY first newborns since I rebranded are coming in for 6 and 9 month Mile-stones this week!! I have 2 new milestone babies and 3 of my previous clients are returning to get their 6 and 9 monthers in!!! I am so excited to see them again, and to meet my new little clients!!! Please check back next week… we will have Milestone images ready on our portfolio!! Yay!!

This little guy here is Weston!! He was such a sweet sleepy little one, and was the first one to officially get his photo taken in my new little posing chair. I have since photographed a couple other newborns in our posing chair, but he was the first, so I find it significant to highlight his photo here today! This little chair is going to be super fun!  It is designed for newborns to safely pose in it for photos, and holds them well! I love getting to play around with it!!

For more information booking your baby’s newborn photos (we recommend booking towards the last couple of months of your pregnancy to make sure we can offer you the most Boutique style session as possible! Visit our contact page, and fill out the form and we will give you a call within 24 hours on business days (Monday-Friday)!!!

Newborn photos near Corpus Christi


Happy Superbowl Sunday!

It’s that day again folks – Superbowl Sunday- (and if you recorded the game – stop reading here) 😛





The Patriots won. HAHA!  Ok, we were going for the Falcons (since my husband is a Texans fan) and we don’t like the Patriots, haha. Oh well…. I am a Bears fan, myself… and we haven’t seen a Superbowl in decades… so there’s that!!  Anywhoooo…. I did want to introduce this little one who had his session on Superbowl Sunday morning! His name is Braylen, and he was such a good little baby for me. He is 12 days old today, and slept like a champs through his whole workflow! I already posted his Sneak Peek to my Facebook page, and within 2 hours he already had the 100 likes required to earn his mommy and daddy a mounted 8×10 print.

If you are interested in following me on Facebook, it’s :

Our Full newborn sessions are $150, and the portraits are purchased separately.

Safety note:  This is a composite image (multiple photos put together to create one image.) Newborn babies cannot support their own weight and should never we allowed to in this way. Please have only a trained newborn photographer attempt this pose with your baby.

If you are interested in booking a newborn session with us, please feel free to click our contacts page and drop us a note! We would be more than happy to discuss with you, your newborn’s session, and how we can offer you the boutique experience that you have been waiting for!

We are located in Woodsboro, TX, and are the only Newborn photography specialist in the town. There are many great photographers in the area, but we specialize in Newborns, so this means that your baby will be in the best hands, for creating safe, beautiful experiences and images for both you and baby! Contact us today!


Newborn photos - baby holding football


First Cake Smash of 2017!

We are back at it, and it’s a whole new Cake Smash year!!! This will be the year that a lot of my first newborns will be having birthdays and I am just ecstatic at the thought of meeting back up with them, and Cake Smashing!  Here is a new client, who was referred by one of my loyal current clients ( I love when clients love their artwork so much, they recommend to their family and friends – that is such a great feeling!) Here is Miss Kinsley! She actually came to her Cake Smash ON her birthday!! How cool is that!!? Her family and friends recieved over 25 comments and nearly 100 likes on this photo and alot of shares on Facebook which won them an 8x1o print of this image in our metallic finish coating! Our cake was a Minnie mouse themed cake and was provided by Peace of Cake in Refugio, TX! She does such a great job!!! If you’d like to book a Cake Smash, we ask that you book 2 weeks in advance! Please visit our Portfolio page for more Cake Smash fun!!!

Cake Smash Photos


Signature Album products!!!

Hello there!! Welcome back!  I just wanted to set out a brief post because I’d love to spill my excitement about our latest products!!! Our Signature Albums!

Beautifully simple from start to finish, Our Signature Album is one ultimate album! With a one-piece wraparound cover design, up to 50 spreads, photographic and press papers, thick or thin page options and multiple cover options all included in the price. Choose from a variety of sizes and optional upgrades that can fit all budgets!

I have a client who put her total faith in my products without even seeing a sample! She bought a 5×5 Signature Album! I hadn’t had a chance to get a studio sample yet, but I assured her that these would be worth the money!! Boy!! I want one now!!! She was able to get 15 photos on a 20 page spread. Some photos I sized to take up the entire spread! Wow! I took some photos of her album when it came in from the lab so that I would have a reference for my next client!!! This is a linen cover, which came out gorgeous, and they do also come in leather! My client now will have something of great quality and a wonderful item to pass down to HER baby when he grows up! I always tell me clients… you look better on the wall than you do in a drawer. Buy products, have something to hold!!!  Much love to you all!

Products Products Products Products Products


Wrapping up 2016!!

I want to send out a thank you to each and every client I have met this year! Those who have allowed me into a small part of their world, by entrusting me with their babies – whether 8 days old or 8 years old!!! I have really had a blast this year, and I look forward to a happy and prosperous 2017… hopefully that will bring me more wonderful families, and will get to see my returning clients again! I really enjoy seeing you and your kiddos!! Here is my year in review – 60+ sessions this year – with some not included, because I always want to respect the online privacy or any parent that requests it! See you all in 2017!!!


2016 Bumble-B Photography sessions peeks

We made the list!!! TOP 11 of Corpus Christi!!!

We made the list as one of the top 11 Newborn Photographers of Corpus Christi, TX, out of 109 Photographers. I am so excited and honored for this mention! See you all in 2017!! Click on the badge to check out our mention! How exciting! Thank you! What an honor!