Preserving your Artwork

It’s time to PRESERVE your artwork! Printed products from my professional lab!  Something tangible with photos of your family and babies that you can see, feel, and hold! Digital images sometimes can be lost in that old drawer on a USB drive and never really brought to their full potential. The other problem with digitals, is depending on where you have the images printed, some consumer based labs can tend to print poor quality images – and by that I mean color correcting – adding colors such as greens, reds, yellows, that is typical in normal newborn skin, that I have worked hard to take out. Being calibrated to my professional labs means that products that you purchase from me,  you can be assured that your printed products will match the digital copies!

Imagine that!  We can offer almost any product under the sun that you may be interested in… BUT, these are the main products that are offered, and these are some of the products that you will see and touch during your Premiere and Ordering Session!

I offer two type of purchase options. A-La-Carte (items sold individually) and Collections (a grouping of items that contain more value for the money).

Wall Art/Canvas/Gift Prints

My Collections have available “options” which allows you to tell me what size you would like for your portraits within the available products for the Collection you are considering for purchase.

Gift prints are considered to be anything from 10×13 and smaller. These are usually sizes that you “gift” to family and friends. Wall Art is anything considered to be 11×14 to 20×30, and are mounted prints.  The mounting is normally on single or double matboard. Larger prints are mounted onto foamboard or styrene. This makes the portraits rigid where they will not easily bend. Canvas are portraits mounted on 1″ wooden stretcher frame and is any size 20×30 and smaller.

Larger sizes beynd the limits of the Collections can be always be purchased, A-La-Carte, and some Collections offer a discount on A-La-Carte items as an inclusion for purchasing that particular Collection.  All prints from 5×7 and larger, produced at my studio, come mounted as a standard. All prints an canvas include a protective coating for preservation. I do recommend to hang your artwork in areas or your home that are not in direct sunlight to help guard against fading.

You will be provided with an ordering session to select your images whether you choose an all inclusive package or not. Part of the service I provide includes the experience of the Premiere Session that includes selecting images from your session.

****I DO accept payment plans for equal payments for a maximum time period of 3 months with now additional fees. Some parents have found that to be really helpful!****

Single vs Double Matboard mounting. 5×7’s and 8×10 are generally on single matboard, and larger prints are mounted to double matboard. Large wall prints are mounted to 2mm styrene or foamboard. This makes the print more durable, rigid, and more luxurious! The print can still be placed under glass as well.

5×7 to 24×36 and larger! We can print what you need!

2 Year old Devin is helping to display a 20×30 Canvas.


Any purchased digital packages of 15 images or more will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Custom Signature Album of your images.

Heritage Wood Prints

Heritage Woods Prints are photographs printed directly onto wood. These awesome pieces are beautiful as a display item. Sizes starting at 8×10 and larger, and include shapes such as oval, round, square and hexagon. This sample, photographed here, is a 16 inch round.

Custom Birth Announcements

I create birth announcements, and have them printed to 5×7 cardstock. They are front and back typically, and I am showing a couple of examples, but these are custom to your session, and can be in various styles and colors. My top two newborn Collections INCLUDE Birth Announcements!  I design them, and you approve them, and they are sent to the lab for printing, and usually arrive the same week! A-La-Carte – Minimum order is 25 cards, and they are $2 each. There is a $25 service fee to create these custom announcements, so an order of 25 would be $75, for instance.



Want to skip the session fee? PRE-PAID Digital Pack w/print release:  5/$425  10/$750  15/$1199

Yes, we offer digitals as well. These are high resolution images from your gallery, and come with a print release. You will always receive a watermarked low resolution (web resolution copy) for any image you order, whether in you order in print or digital. That way you can share your purchased images with all of your friends and family! Digitals are $125 each or you can purchase them in groups to receive a greater value. The digital pricing is on the A-La-Carte menu below.

Prepaying for your Digital Pack provides the value of no session fee! All pre-paid digital packs must be paid upon invoicing in order to reserve your date. Additional product purchases are optional. You will choose your pre-paid digitals during an in-person ordering session within 7-10 days of your session.

At your ordering session, you will be offered matted 8×10 (matted to 11×14 size) prints to accompany your purchased digitals to take home with you from your ordering session, upon full payment!

Any purchased digital packages of 15 images or more will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Custom Signature Album of your images.

*Albums are available A-La-Carte upto 20 images for $799.

* Due to different consumer lab calibrations, I cannot guarantee color quality from any purchased digitals that are not printed from my professional lab.

Custom Wood Box

The Custom Wood Photo Box is a modern-day classic that pairs photo sharing with stylish storage. 10 Mounted Prints included inside a wooden box with a custom slide top, the Custom Wood Photo Box holds (10) 4×4 prints and includes four easels for print display making this the perfect keepsake of your newborn baby’s Fresh48 photos or gift for your loved ones. This product is included with the Fresh48 Sessions. This product can also be purchased A-La-Carte for any session for $180 + tax.