The Posed Newborn Session

This session is the most popular choice for my incoming clients. 

Posed Newborn sessions are typically up to four hours. Beanbag posing with 2-3 colored backdrops, Signature studio outfits, hats, headbands, and accessories are always provided. These sessions include Parent/Sibling poses, up to 2 prop setups, wrapped poses, and full newborn posing. It is preferred that baby is sleepy.   I can never guarantee any certain pose to my parents, as posing is allowed by what baby will feel like doing. Some advanced poses take a lot of cooperation from your baby to safely perform. I will never attempt any advanced poses on an unsettled baby. You will be provided with a Newborn Session Prep guide It’s recommended to follow the tips to maximize your session time with a settled baby!

Not looking for a FULL session? Click here for info on my Newborn Mini Wrapped Sessions.


Wrapped Poses are a part of my Posed Newborn Sessions as well.

My sheep blanket backdrop is another staple of the posed newborn session.


All of my posing techniques are safe and comfortable for your newborn. You can be assured that your baby is in knowledgable hands, but no photo is ever worth harming your newborn. I always have someone holding baby at all times for photos that require composites to make baby APPEAR that they are holding their own weight such as the Froggy pose.


What kind of Prop set ups do you have available?

Props!  Prop set ups are fun, and can be a sweet reminder of the items your baby could ONCE fit in, they are SO tiny at this stage!  The Full Posed Newborn Session allows for up to two prop set ups depending on what baby will allow.  I have newborn sized beds, a posing chair, a white distressed drawer, which is a favorite of my parents. I also have wooden bowls, a 1950’s vintage scale, buckets, and a little bathtub (for babies upto 7 1/2 LBS) with a shower spout that I get alot of requests for.

What about Family & Sibling Photos? 

THIS is where it’s AT! I love parent poses, because you can really see the love our moms and dads have for their new babies! Look at these gorgeous images, and imagine yourself there! <3  All the feels!!

I offer both black and white images and color versions, depending on the style you prefer! We will address this in your Newborn Session Questionnaire at your Consultation!

I offer lighter color backdrops as well – or you can opt for an in-home session and have your parent poses taken in your own living environment!

I prefer not to be in front of the camera, but still would like to have memorable parent/baby connection photos!

Absolutely!! I have a simple “Simba” pose that my parents love!  My photos can be taken from the waist up… NO worries!  Although I DO encourage you to have photos with your baby, because that will be baby’s way to remember this time AS WELL when they get older, and may want to show your grandchildren:  this pose is available for you as well, and creates such a wonderful memory of the hands that held this tiny being!!!


How would you capture my baby’s SMALLEST details??! 

One of my favorite aspects of the newborn session are those tiny lips, lashes, toes and rolls!!! I will try my best to focus in on these areas for you, to be able to have memories of all these tiny details, because they will grow up SO fast!

So my question for YOU!  Are you ready to capture this moment?!  Contact me TODAY to book a FREE consultation!!!

Referrals:  As a small business, I rely heavily on referrals. Please let your expectant friends and family know that you saw this page! If you book a session, and THEY book a session, I will offer you a $50 print credit on your session!