The Fresh 48


Session is $ 299+tax. This includes 10 digital images of your choice, with print release. Sneak peek will be available within 24 hours.  Fresh 48 images are typically available for download within 48 hours.

Fresh 48’s with Bumble-B Photography

Hospital lifestyle portraits are one of my favorite images to take of newborns. There is something so very special about photographing a baby and record those tiny details of the first days of life.

What do I need to bring to the hospital?

For a timeless image and one that truly reflects your hospital stay, I prefer to keep newborns in their hospital top or a simple bodysuit. Family and friends cannot wait to see every inch of your new child, so it is my preference to not bury her in clothes and accessories that detract from how splendidly perfect she already is. For a flare of uniqueness and individuality in your collection, I would encourage families to bring a couple of swaddle blankets. One will replace the blanket covering the pad in the bassinet, the second will be to wrap your baby in.

Mothers also can choose to make their sessions a little more personal by bringing in a pretty shorty robe or plan to put on their own “going home” outfit. If your hair is a wreck and your make up isn’t applied, don’t worry. A clean face and a good brush through is all you need to plan for. The focus of this session is your baby and your new bond that you are sharing!

What can I expect when you arrive?

My goal is to provide you with beautiful simplistic airy images. I will always open up the shades to flood your room with natural light. As well, I will turn off any ambient lights in the room as they produce an unflattering yellow in your photographs. I’ll then tidy up the room a little bit. This might include moving bags, unmaking dad’s sleep nest on the couch and putting it aside, or even moving a few things into the bathroom to make enough space to move around easily. Let’s be honest, hospital post partum rooms are small and it’s easy to find your possessions have become scattered in the few hours you’ve been there.  But a little tidying goes a long way in terms of having a beautiful collection of images!

If you are nursing or otherwise feeding baby, I’ll just stick around and likely ask how delivery went. If you’d like a breastfeeding portrait, please just mention it! If at any time a nurse needs to examine baby, I am perfectly fine with waiting. Ensuring your little one is doing well is more important.

What is your session flow like?

I always try to photograph Fresh 48 sessions with the same session flow.  I’ll ask you to change your baby down to just a dry diaper if needed and leave on her hospital shirt if she hasn’t been holding temperature well quite yet.  The simpler your baby’s outfits are, the more we end up focusing on the tiny little features. If you opted to bring a swaddle blanket, I will ask for it, so that we can wrap baby nice and snuggled. Then I will start photographing just baby in the bassinet. If mom is feeling up to coming over to the bassinet, we can photograph her hands on her new baby. Then I’ll pass baby onto dad for a quick three or four minutes. Participating siblings or grandparents may also have their opportunity here. Next, I will make a bit of a nest at the foot of mom’s bed to have a few full body portraits and some unique angles separate from the bassinet. Lastly, we finish up with mom and baby portraits and ask dad/siblings gather for one group portrait.

What if my birth doesn’t go as planned?

Sometimes birth is everything we hope it to be, and sometimes complications arise. In some instances emergency interventions are needed, recovery is harder than expected or your new baby just needs a higher level of care. In these instances, we have options. In the event your baby is placed in the NICU, as a family, you may choose still to have your session take place there. I only ask that your nurse or the pediatric physician agree your little one is well enough for portraits and to come up with any restrictions that I may need to know about.  Often times, the session may have to wait until discharge day. If you prefer to reschedule to a home session when everything is settled down, I am open to that option as well.

When can I expect my images?

Fresh 48 sessions are my fastest turn around! I know there’s no greater joy than sharing your child’s first portraits with family and friends. I strive to have your collection back to you in 48 hours or less This may mean you’ll see a blog post with highlights from the session before having your images available for download. Your images will always be available for download within three days of your session. Please let me know when you have announced the birth of your baby on social media. I always want to make sure families have announced before displaying anything on my website, Facebook or Instagram page.

Being a small business owner, I rely heavily on referrals. I am so appreciative to those of you who have told your friends about Bumble-B Photography, LLC and who are expressing your excitement over how important family documentary photography is!