Hurricane Harvey Babies – South Texas Gulf Coast

Hurricane Harvey Babies – South Texas Gulf Coast

There is presence of devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey from Houston, Rockport, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass, Refugio, Woodsboro, Bayside… I’ve seen it, and it’s heart wrenching… we too, are living it… damage even further south of us, to Portland, Ingleside and Corpus Christi, and all the towns around and in between. This little moment is about our little close-knit surrounding communities that you don’t hear about on the news day in and day out. In every devastated or damaged town, city and region, here there are tales of hope, heroism, community, love, reaching out, and renewal. Among those, are stories that remind us, that even in the most treacherous of times, that nature doesn’t wait those are the stories I want to tell, today.
Those of us who rode out Harvey, we were only forecasted to have a strong Category 1 hurricane… not such a big deal right? It was forecasted to hit south of us (Refugio County) … even though we would get wind and possibly some rain, we would be spared the strongest part of the storm… as early evening and night shadowed over the coast, we realized that this may turn into something bigger than we all expected and heard news of the Interstate cramming up with evacuees who decided that they would be safer elsewhere. It had turned and was headed straight for us.
The last few hours before landfall and Harvey turned up the juice to a Category 4… and by then, it was too late to leave, all we could do was wait, and ride it out. We lost our power at 7 PM (for two weeks). Cell service went down at 2:30 A.M. (for two days), we were left in the dark, with no access to radars, or communication. We were hunkered down in our homes, away from the glass windows, listening to every tree branch break, and our walls groaning in the 130+ mph wind howling and screaming over our rooftops and through the trees. We suffered some broken windows on our second story from trees falling into them. Visiting the upstairs level during the storm revealed a whole other dimension… with curtains being sucked out the windows, and the howl of the wind blowing rain soaked leaves inside. I will never forget the sight of opening my front door to see downed trees surrounding and laying on top of my home.
That was MY experience. There are many stories like mine, and even further devastating ones, where people still have not been able to return home. From Corpus Christi to Goliad, I wanted to capture a story that was something to cherish, something that we all, as moms, worry will happen to us, our perfect little bundles comes at the most imperfect time, and we become survivors of something much bigger… these are the notes of a few local moms who rode out the hurricane admitted to the Maternity Ward.

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I was fortunate enough to be allowed into these parents’ homes, some who were displaced. To visit with them, and record their newborn babies photos in order to share this with you all now. I provided complimentary on-location newborn minis for babies who made their debut the night & day that Hurricane Harvey was roaring ashore near Rockport, TX. I appreciate their time, and for allowing me to tell their stories! I hope to see these little ones again soon!

Baby Savannah:

Hurricane Harvey

“Our Sweet Savannah was born August 26th at 2:10 p.m. the afternoon following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In the days leading up to her arrival I was on edge for a number of reasons but tried wholeheartedly to remain calm knowing my due date (August 29th) was only days a part from Harvey’s projected landfall. My OB had decided to take vacation during my 39th week and because I wasn’t on the schedule to be induced and the hospital where I planned to deliver wasn’t equipped to handle the possible effects of the storm I was in short instructed to pick up a copy of my medical file, head to the closest hospital if I went into labor and was given a “good luck”. While managing to process all of that my husband and I decided evacuation wasn’t an option considering the possibility I could go into labor on the road so I tried to prepare for the worst while praying for the best. I had been induced after going the full 40 weeks with our first, Kennedy, so I was starting to feel positive Savannah would make us wait it out too. The power went out shortly after 9 p.m. for us Friday and I knew then it was going to be a long night. We were fortunate my parents decided to stick it out with us so my little one was too occupied playing with grandma and grandpa to notice or feel like anything was going on. Heat aside, I was still feeling good overall and by 11 p.m. when the weather really started to get bad I was even able to get some sleep. Savannah on the other hand had other plans for us. A little before 3:00 a.m. I woke up to find my water had broken. So many of my close friends and family had predicted with the change in barometric pressure that it could happen but if that really was the case who knows?! After getting ourselves together and kissing our firstborn goodbye my husband and I headed out for the closest hospital while my parents stayed behind. We fortunately live within minutes of Spohn South but because of the debris and lack of light the drive felt like an eternity. The next 11 hours happened like a whirlwind. I was wheeled up to labor and delivery, immediately filled out admission paperwork and was shortly thereafter introduced to a doctor and her team who would help me deliver. The hospital, like all of Corpus was under a water boil advisory but thankfully because of generators the facility still had power. We met our 7 lb. 15 oz. Savannah that afternoon after a long and hard labor. Reflecting now on our story I realize how blessed we are to have our happy and healthy girl.”

-Adriana C.

Baby S:

Hurricane Harvey

“Well we were debating on leaving on the 25th, woke up on the 25th at 3 a.m. and noticed it was starting to look bad, said a prayer as to what I should do and woke up at 6 a.m. to my water breaking. Made it to spohn south, and they had just evacuated all the mother and new born to Dallas and kingsvillle. I refused to leave and according to the news a few other mother’s stayed in the hospital as well. I gave birth 8 hours later to a healthy baby boy. During the entire process we were between no power and the generator, right after birth I was informed we no longer had water either. We were sent to my room then and could see out the window in the dark generators being blown and our power still going off and off and still no water, didn’t get much sleep but woke up to not that bad of damage, we did have some water in the room due to is leaking in from the window and we’re later sent home thay day. We expected a flooded house and alot of damage but only lost out backyard fence. We made it through the hurricane. We survived!”

Lindsay V.

Baby Kash:


“Our sweet baby girl Kash Teegan was due on September 14. Due to my pregnancy being high risk my Dr. scheduled to induce me. Thursday August 24 I had to be at the hospital at 4 p.m. Hurricane Harvey didn’t seem to be much threat prior to Thursday, but each news broadcast made me anticipate a phone call postponing my induction. At about 11 a.m my phone rang and it was the Dr. saying with the weather conditions expected to be pretty harsh she was going forward with our plan because there were to many risks. I could go into labor and not be able to get to the hospital due to flooding or the hurricane itself. She was the doctor on call and would have to be at the hospital anyhow. So we arrived at the hospital and began the process. My delivery went smooth and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We had our two older daughters with us for the birth, the storm was getting pretty brutal outside and we decided to keep them there at the hospital with us. Friday night at one point they came in and asked us to move away from the window and they took Kash to the nursery due to the tornado warnings. We watched through the window as the trees bent in half and the light posts swayed side to side. The next morning we lost power, and the backup generators kicked on. We had limited electricity, and no water. There was a slow leak from the light fixtures in the window seat of our room. The hospitals air conditioning system was water cooled so with that being said it was pretty warm in our room. We had some fans a friend loaned us to help make it more comfortable. We felt like we were in the best place possible to ride out the storm with a newborn baby.
Kash was the only baby born at Citizens hospital. The entire hospital was evacuated except for us. She was the only patient they kept because her bilirubin levels continued to rise and she needed to have phototherapy, so we had an extended stay until Monday August 28th.
Once we were released we took our sweet girl to a friends house because they a generator large enough to run their entire house. Our home had some damage and was in no condition to take the baby to. Water had come in through the windows and foundation. The ranch my husband works on moved us to a temporary home until ours is either replaced or made livable again.
We will definitely have a story to tell our little princess when she gets older. I’m sure she will be very thankful that we did not name her Harvey.”

-Jennifer C.

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