Why I became a newborn photographer:

Why did I decide to become a newborn photographer?

I wanted to start a series of blogs that will help my clients understand a little bit about me, and why I do, what I do, and offer information outside of “I did this session, or that session”… like why I became a newborn photographer.

I get asked quite often during my sessions… How did you start out? What made you want to photograph babies? When did you start doing this? So I wanted to answer some questions about my new day job. 🙂

I am a photographer…. and this IS my day job!

I have been interested in photography for a while…  for about a decade.  My grandfather was a landscape photographer in Germany, and I have hundreds of this film photos that he took over the course of his later life, so I think the gene for photography was already there to start with. I always looked at things a little bit different, in a creative way… I could see angles, and lines, and things that a more artistic brain can see.  I loved photographing things that could wow my viewers… Macro images, bugs, wildlife, leading lines, flowers, and upclose details… I looooove details.

I worked in hospitals and more namely, medical records for nearly a decade as well, since 2008 to be exact. I had the typical humdrum of corporate life… clock in, clock out… and don’t get me wrong… I enjoyed my job for a long time… I enjoyed my co-workers, the interaction,  learning quickly, and working quickly, and new that in some small way, I was helping people. I was ok with that. For now.  Here comes creative brain knocking again….

When I had my son in 2015… I researched newborn photographers in my area, and really didn’t find any that was fitting the look I wanted… the POSED newborn. I loved seeing images of posed newborn babies, and always wondered HOW THE HECK DO THEY DO THAT?!  I just couldn’t find a photographer that fit my style (ok, so the style that I saw seeing on Pinterest)… so yes, I was that mom, who took my own newborn photos… and by my standards today… they were awful, pose-wise, quality wise, BUT I cherish them, because that is MY newborn… and it was an eye opener… I could actually do something like this, someday, and become THAT photographer for someone nearby!  Here was where I started (year 2015) :

Aren’t you glad these were MY baby? Hehe!! I still love them because I love my baby, but not something I am too keen on professionally posting… but we all start somewhere.  So moving onto 2016… when I actually started taking a seriously look at starting newborn photography:

This was my first official model call back in early 2016. Only for practice, and momma got some images, and she was definitely appreciative, and I know she cherishes them…. Again… this was something I really wanted to learn to master… and I am SO appreciative of the moms who allowed me to come to their homes to try these.  I went through me stages and started developing a taste for certain props and clothing styles (I did the animal crochets outfits for a while, but it still wasn’t quiet the style I wanted to settle on).

A couple of years have passed, and I am now developing my style, and my technique, and I’ve evolved my lighting choices (upgrading from continuous lighting (see above newborn) to a flash kit with a HUGE umbrella (see below newborns), and learned about shadows, and flattering and unflattering angles… I have a completely different camera which provides much better photo quality, and I have learned that camera inside and out… I’ve taught it all it knows! I set every single setting on my camera to match what I want it to do, it doesn’t choose anything for me… and it’s taken a year, and some countless hours on YouTube and in Facebook learning groups, and online courses, to master all what I do… and practice, practice, practice. I am still learning… I will never stop learning… the old saying “You learn something new every day” rings ever true.  If you ever see me put out a model call… that’s what it is, it’s learning.. and I am so proud to have gotten to where I am, and I can’t wait to see how the future evolves what I do!  Newborn photography is NO joke, haha, it’s hard…. we might make it look easy, but it’s a combined patience and knowledge suit that gets us through every session safely, and efficiently to get our moms and dads some beautiful images to show off every inch of their new little one!!


This is a session from a few weeks ago:

and so is this:

newborn photographer

Have you seen how we grow?!  I tell you… you can put your mind to anything… I am 33 years old… and just learning what it takes to run a successful business… and still trying to figure it out… my newborn studio has cost me into the multiple $1000’s… I have buckets, bowls, beds, props, and wraps of every color, beanbags, and furs, flokati’s, and blankets… posing aides, heaters, and sound equipment to mimic the womb environment…. all this… in order to create these images…. images that I would have wanted for MY baby… two years ago, for my local (and sometimes not so local) parents… is worth every single penny. Newborn photography is NOT cheap… and I know that’s a hard pill to swallow (no pun intended) when you have birthing expenses staring you down… but now you maybe have an insight of what is takes to create for you, the most beautiful unique images…. and it’s worth it!  I just wanted to say that. 🙂

Feel free to check out more of my newborn work in the Portfolio area!

Last but not least: 2 years later, my “newborn” continues to grow with me. <3  We are loving the Texas “snow” this year!

-Cheryl B.