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Fresh 48 sessions are now booking for 2017

Fresh 48 session time!! Push, push, push, push!!! Or maybe you hear beeps, and the discussion of voices and medical jargon while you are being tugged, pulled, pushed and prodded)!!! How every you baby enters the world…. the best sound that moment comes from a tiny voice that fills the air, and everyone breathes a sigh of pure joy!! A baby is here!! Your beautiful new little boy or girl that is joining your family.  We want to help you celebrate, and tell the world…. or maybe just your family and friends!!! YOUR BABY IS HERE, OFFICIALLY!!!

The Fresh 48 session is typically done in the baby’s first 48 hours of life, and normally before the new little family leaves the hospital.  Our sessions are lifestyle type photos, completed with a bright and airy edit! Capturing those first tiny moments of 10 teensy toes, and soft newborn baby hair, to first interactions with mommy and daddy!  We would love to let in the light for just a few minutes of your new day and capture your baby against the natural light outside! Book us for your baby’s FIRST official photoshoot!!

Contact us for booking now, or view our pricing page to learn more about what is included with this session!

The Garza’s did… and their sweet little baby couldn’t be more ready to shine!!!

Fresh 48 sessions

Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 Session