It’s a nice spring we are having this winter! Newborn photos are booking!

Where ever you hail from – it’s warming up SOUTH TEXAS!!! Are you ready to book your baby’s newborn photos?! It’s been 80 here all week with a nice shiny sun (in what is supposed to be our coldest month of the year). ¬†Summer is coming early.. and the bees are buzzing… as is THIS BUMBLE-B!!! Out newborn photo sessions are booking faster and faster!! It’s so exciting to be able to see all of these new little ones coming in, and guess what??!!! Some of my VERY first newborns since I rebranded are coming in for 6 and 9 month Mile-stones this week!! I have 2 new milestone babies and 3 of my previous clients are returning to get their 6 and 9 monthers in!!! I am so excited to see them again, and to meet my new little clients!!! Please check back next week… we will have Milestone images ready on our portfolio!! Yay!!

This little guy here is Weston!! He was such a sweet sleepy little one, and was the first one to officially get his photo taken in my new little posing chair. I have since photographed a couple other newborns in our posing chair, but he was the first, so I find it significant to highlight his photo here today! This little chair is going to be super fun!  It is designed for newborns to safely pose in it for photos, and holds them well! I love getting to play around with it!!

For more information booking your baby’s newborn photos (we recommend booking towards the last couple of months of your pregnancy to make sure we can offer you the most Boutique style session as possible! Visit our contact page, and fill out the form and we will give you a call within 24 hours on business days (Monday-Friday)!!!

Newborn photos near Corpus Christi